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exposed walls, plumbing in kitchen

Water Damage Restoration in Morgan Hill

The water leak behind the kitchen sink in this Morgan Hill home saturated the drywall and the base cabinets. SERVPRO, as shown in this Photo, removed the assemblies, opened up the walls to dry and spray with an antifungal product, and then prepped the area for the remodel.

hose and pump, office area, water on floor

Work Center in Gilroy and Water Removal

The equipment from SERVPRO, including an electrical pump and a blue hose connected to a truck-mount pump, are removing the standing water from this Gilroy office. The commercial, resilient flooring can be salvaged with rapid water extraction and drying.

cleaned floor, flood cuts showing studs

Gilroy Storm Damage Demolition

The flooding subsided in this Gilroy structure, and then SERVPRO arrived to clean out the mess and perform flood cuts at the 4-foot mark on all the walls. This controlled demolition mitigates the water damage, helps dry the framing, and provides easier installation of new sheetrock. The large reinforced duct is using negative air pressure to reduce interior moisture levels.

burned walls, cabinets and ceiling in a kitchen

Gilroy Fire Cleanup in a Kitchen

The typical grease fire in this Gilroy kitchen left behind fire damage to the cabinets, walls, and ceilings. SERVPRO can isolate the kitchen with poly sheeting from the rest of the house to prevent odors and debris from circulating.

silver air scrubber with a duct leading thru window to exterior

Mold Removal from a Morgan Hill Kitchen

The leak under the sink led to a mold infestation in Morgan Hill. SERVPRO set up an air scrubber that ported the mold debris during removal to the exterior. This prevents contaminating clean areas of the home.

equipment drying office outside area, lino flooring

Morgan Hill Burst Pipe Water Cleanup

The LGR-dehumidifier and the snout-nosed air movers are working in unison to reduce the RH relative humidity in this Morgan Hill office. Once the moisture is swept into the air the dehu captures it, thus reducing the chances of secondary water damage.

hanging debris from water in ceiling and wall, high hat light

Morgan Hill Ceiling Leak from a Storm

The storm damage occurred from a failed roof that soaked the attic and the ceiling with torrents of rainwater. The Photo depicts the peeling wallpaper and damaged ceiling surface. SERVPRO can start the flood restoration soon after the initial call.

soot deposits on walls and cabinets in a kitchen

Gilroy Kitchen Fire Cleanup Needed

The grease fire in this kitchen left a sticky residue that needed removal. Our SERVPRO crew used special detergents to wipe down the surfaces in this Gilroy residence. Smoke odor elimination would come next. Call us; we are always ready to help.

water blister on ceiling

Ceiling Leak in Morgan Hill

The water blister resulted from a pinhole leak in a PEX water line in the attic. SERVPRO can repair the line and then release the contained water slowly. WE can gently dry the wet area and salvage the ceiling without replacing any popcorn texture or repainting.

black mold covering insulation and roofing materials in the attic

What Is in Your Gilroy Attic? MOLD

Homeowners are shocked upon discovering mold growing in their Gilroy attics. Luckily, SERVPRO can provide skilled technicians using dry ice pellet blasting to remove the growth and apply an antimicrobial agent to the treated attic void.

equipment in snack area of office

Morgan Hill Water Cleanup

SERVPRO provides advanced drying equipment like this LGR dehumidifier and centrifugal air mover to dry out large water spills in Morgan Hill offices. We work so that you can too! Contact us 24/7 for urgent help.

cut walls, stairwell, green drying equipment

Morgan Hill Storm Damage Cleanup

The contaminated and damaged drywall has been removed with a neat, straight "flood cut' to allow for drying of the wall and stairway voids. SERVPRO has drying equipment working in this Morgan Hill home that will soon be back to preloss condition.

sooty looking garage

San Martin Garage Fire Damage

The fire fueled by a stored paint can was quickly snuffed out in this San Martin garage. The soot can be cleaned up by our SERVPRO crew, and an air scrubber can purify the air.

garage ceiling with water stains

San Martin Water Damaged Garage

The drywall taped ceiling in this San Martin garage has suffered water damage from a leaky roof. Our team can tarp the roof to prevent further infiltration of rainwater, and then begin to dry out the ceiling.

mold spots on wall and ceiling, dark cabinet below

Mold in a Morgan Hill Kitchen

The mold spots, once discovered by our customer, we removed quickly by our SERVPRO team. We emphasize that a fast reaction to the first evidence of mold in a Morgan Hill home can mean the difference between scraping and restoring to a demolition and more expensive project.

dirty soot stuck on metal walls

Morgan Hill Fire and Soot Cleanup

Metal Warehouses may not burn after a fire in Morgan Hill, but the mess left behind from the uncombusted material is very visible on the surfaces. SERVPRO has the experienced technicians and equipment, including man-lifts, to remove the soot and set up air scrubbers to eliminate the malodors.

dehu and air mover placed in enclosed porch with wood deck

San Martin Storm Water Damage

The driving rain flooded the converted porch in this San Martin home and soaked the flooring and exterior walls. SERVPRO set up drying equipment to mitigate the water damage with rapid evaporation of the water absorbed by the floor planks.

water caused damaged

Water Damage In East Foothills

Our water damage experts know timing is crucial after a disaster in Morgan Hill. Our professionals are ready 24/7 to respond to your call. SERVPRO of Morgan Hill / Gilroy has the state-of-the-art equipment and expertise to make it “Like it never even happened.”

opened up ceiling on porch revealing torched and blackened roof trusses

Fire-Ravaged Attic in Morgan Hill

The lightning strike ignited this attic in a Morgan Hill area home. The fire spread to combustible materials stored there, which further encouraged the fire damage. Our team can remove the debris and cover the roof hole as we begin the mitigation service.

mold growing on wall

Commercial Mold Damage In San Martin

A mold infestation can destroy your San Martin commercial property quickly, and our team is here to pick up the pieces. Our professionals are ready 24/7 and Faster to Any Size Disaster. SERVPRO of Morgan Hill / Gilroy has what it takes to restore your property to pre-damage condition.

mold spots on a wall by furniture

Morgan Hill Mold Problem

The mold infestation on this Morgan Hill residence wall needs remediation to eliminate the colony. SERVPRO techs can do a controlled demolition just to remove the damaged portion and minimize the build back. Count on us!

water damaged home

Water Damage Repair in Morgan Hill

When your Morgan Hill home experiences significant water damage, you can count on our crew! Our experts at SERVPRO of Morgan Hill / Gilroy will arrive quickly and begin our restoration process. Using our advanced equipment, we will restore you home to pre-damage condition. SERVPRO is Faster to Any Size Disaster!

drying equipment working in a floor and wall damaged kitchen

Groundwater Causes Damage in Gilroy

The contaminated floodwaters damaged the walls and tiled flooring in this Gilroy home. SERVPRO responded quickly, removed all the non-salvageable building materials, fixtures, and appliances, and proceeded with the restoration process.

door, ceiling, and walls with black soot deposits

Morgan Hill Smoke Cleanup

The small fire deposited sooty film on all interior surfaces of this Morgan Hill house. SERVPRO technicians can wipe down and remove the residue, perhaps without any need for re-painting. We can also place devices to purify the air and eliminate odors.

mold growing on wall

Mold Damage In Morgan Hill

After a disaster in Morgan Hill, call the professionals at SERVPRO of Morgan Hill / Gilroy. Our mold damage technicians as are ready 24/7 to respond to your call. We have the training, equipment, and knowledge to restore your Morgan Hill property to pre-damage condition. “Like it never even happened.”


Morgan Hill Roof leak

A homeowner noticed her ceiling was sagging and water was dripping from it. They opened a hole in the ceiling and found that it was coming from the roof. SERVPRO coordinated to have the roof tarped, and then proceeded to perform the water mitigation. 

Water Leak

Water Heater in Morgan Hill

A new homeowner bought a home and needed to remediate the mold around the water heater, and two surrounding rooms. They asked that the work begin prior to them moving in. We were able to start and finish the work in 3 days, which left the homeowner pleased that he would be able to move into a clean home. 

puffy mold growing on raw timber

Morgan Hill Mold Remediation

The damp crawl space in this Morgan Hill property developed a significant mold infestation, as shown in this Photo. SERVPRO technicians can scrape off and blast with pressurized dry ice pellets to clean the wooden supports of the fungi. We complete the service with an antimicrobial application.

demolished wall showing cavity, studs, and insulation

Morgan Hill Flood Restoration

Contaminated groundwater, once extracted from a flooded Morgan Hill home, often requires controlled demolition. The porous non-salvageable drywall section has been discarded and some of the cavity insulation. SERVPRO crews can also disinfect the affected rooms.

fire damaged property

Fire Damage Repair In San Martin

After a disaster call the professionals at SERVPRO of Morgan Hill / Gilroy. Our fire damage technicians as are ready 24/7 to respond to your call. We have the training, equipment, and experience to restore your San Martin home to pre-damage condition. “Like it never even happened.”

wood sheathing floor, with equipment drying it out, window in view

Water Damage Mitigation in Gilroy

The water from the burst pipe flooded several rooms in this Gilroy home with clean water. Our SERVPRO team arrived quickly, removed the soaked carpets no longer wanted by our customer, and set up drying equipment. The air mover and LGR dehumidifier can restore standard RH relative humidity to the affected rooms while also preventing any demolition.